Yili Attitude Defines Quality--
"Plant Tour" Brand Communication

About Yili Group

Yili Group is a privately owned company of dairy industry in China. It is engaged in processing and manufacturing of milk products, including ice-cream, milk powder, milk tea powder, sterilized milk and fresh milk under "Yili" brand. It is headquartered in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.


Yili is the only major domestic enterprise in China that served both the Olympic Games and the World Expo. Given its reputation in the industry, Yili Group has been a leading dairy company in China and an icon of sustainable development in the dairy industry with its steady growth.

The titles of "Olympics Yili" and "World Expo Yili" consolidated the leading position of Yili as the largest dairy enterprise in China. However, how to make the brand more down-to-earth, to soften its superior image, and to gain more emotional identification from the public, became a new marketing task for Yili at the time.

Yili launched a transformational brand marketing campaign that centered product "Quality" through a national-wide, whole year, and open "Factory Tour". The event aimed at bringing consumers closer to the brand by highlighting "Yili Attitude" in a down-to-earth communication way.


"Yili's Attitude" referred to the attitude of the corporation, the attitude of the society, and the attitude of the consumers. This triggered an extensive discussion on combining the concept of the brand with the positive public opinions through mainstream media such as People's Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Southern Metropolis Daily, and China Business News.

The "Plant Tour" turned from a corporate behavior into a "public" behavior. By planning "Li Na" theme event, "June 1st" theme event, "Monsters University" Disney movie theme event, and other special topics’ events, the activities attracted different interest groups. Through buzz marketing via opinion leaders, and expanding the targeted audience, public's emotional identification toward the brand has been significantly increased.


The traditional media and social media have been fully integrated in this campaign. The influence of the news has been exponentially expanded by utilizing the cooperation of tripartite media platforms print media, Weibo, and WeChat. During the first stage of the campaign, 314 placements were secured. Among them, there were 31 on the mainstream print media, 77 digital media, 156 shares online, 50 on Wiki Q&A. The campaign was covered in 45% of the media with above 2000 words(over 3000 words on 13 media). Over 50% of the placements were with images.