Our Belief

Popular American brands stand the test of numerous consumers. They have met the basics to dominate China’s market. Unfortunately, few people heard of them in China. Even worse, negative news is easily found through Baidu search. The information is inconsistent and missing. Even the photos are messed up with others.

Without an official Chinese name, you are randomly called by several different Chinese names, which causes huge confusion for Chinese who don’t bother to recognize English. Some Chinese names are even inappropriate due to Chinese cultures and taboos.

Distributors carry your products, but are not qualified to deal with media in chaos. They are not aware how complicated the media can be in China, not to mention finding a right PR agency. How could the agency get to know you from China with extremely limited resources? (Google is blocked in China.)

But we are here for ages, we knew you directly, inside and outside. This is how we differentiate ourselves in crafting strategies and pitches.

You may have a Chinese website. However, without appropriate transcreation, simple translation doesn’t suit Chinese audience. It involves modifications about the design, texts, engagement pattern, etc.

You may not be ready for China’s market, but some of your information has existed in Chinese posted casually. Your product description is mostly inaccurate or incomplete, even leaving out the key features, which has probably misled customers.

All those problems lead to communication issues, which can be avoided and solved through PR approaches, accordingly. As a native-born PR agency, we guarantee media coverage with thorough implementation. This happens to be our incomparable advantages, where our belief came naturally.