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Jichuan Pharmaceutical Pediatric Gu Qiao Qing Re Granule Was Selected Into National Health And Family Planning Commission of The People’s Republic Of China 2018 Flu Treatment Plan

Since the beginning of the winter in 2017, the level of influenza activity in China has risen rapidly and is still in a upward trend. There are increasing numbers of emergency and inpatients and critically ill patients in hospitals in many places, and the pressure for diagnosis and treatment is high. The influenza outbreak mainly featured the influenza B virus as the dominant strain, influenza A H3N2, and influenza A H1N1 circulating, and was currently at the peak level of the winter influenza epidemic.


In response to this situation, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, in order to strengthen the clinical management of flu, reduce the occurrence of severe flu and carry out reasonable and effective prevention and control, held a press conference to deploy outbreaks of influenza outbreaks across the country, and in the "A Type H1N1 Flu On The Basis Of The Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Third Edition in 2009) and the "Guide To The Diagnosis And Treatment of Influenza (2011 Edition)", combined with the recent domestic and foreign research results and China's previous influenza diagnosis and treatment experience, the "Influenza diagnosis and treatment plan ( 2018)” was promulgated (hereinafter referred to as "treatment plan").


In the “treatment plan”, some Chinese herbal medicines were listed as recommended medicines by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, among which the Chinese patent medicine Gu Qiao Qing Re Granules. It is understood that Pediatric Gu Qiao Qing Re Granules are the exclusive varieties of Jichuan Pharmaceutical, stemming from the experience of more than 50 years in the practice of the famous Chinese medicine Li Shaochuan, with the characteristics of “antipyretic fever, not easy to rebound”, which can effectively relieve fever cough and nasal congestion Sputum, pharyngeal swelling and other symptoms.


As a special medicine for children, Gu Qiao Qing Re Granules has been used in higher education textbooks such as “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Diseases of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and “Pediatrics of Traditional Chinese Medicine” because of its clear dosage, remarkable results and safety. It also has been honored as “parents recommended children's drug brand,” "2016-2017 China's pharmacy clerk recommendation rate of the highest brand · children's drug class," and etc.


Focusing on children's health and caring for children's future is the direction of Jichuan Pharmaceutical's unrelenting responsibility. Jichuan Pharmaceutical will continue to take children's "common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases" as the entry point, inherit and carry forward the national medicine treasures, insist on R & D and production of children's exclusive drugs, wholeheartedly care for children's health, and let the wisdom of the ancients make new contributions to the health of people today.