Bacilac Arrives in China--
Marketing Campaign

On July 20th, 2017, Bacilac Probiotics was exhibited at the 17th CBME Pregnancy and Baby Exhibition, which is also the first appearance of the product in the Chinese market, representing its importer - Kangzhi Pharmaceutical officially distributes children's probiotics market.

The implementation of the "two-child" policy made Kangzhi Pharmaceutical CEO Zhu Xueqing optimistic about the children's health market. In his view, the rapid growth of children's health needs has not yet been met, and there is a huge market space. Bacilac Probiotics is the representative product of Kangzhi Pharmaceutical's advancement into the children's health industry.

Director of the Children's Health Cooperation Center of the World Health Organization, chairman of the Children's Health Branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association and Professor Dai Yaohua of the Capital Institute of Children's Studies said that probiotics can help children adjust the structure of the intestinal flora, enhance children's immunity, and protect children's health. Relying on the background of children's great health industry, the probiotic market for children is expected to a development dividend. Zhu Xueqing believes that in the Chinese domestic market for probiotics that has just emerged, Bacilac has a competitive advantage. “Bacilac Probiotics has a worldwide patented Intelicaps® microencapsulation technology that can ensure that the activity of probiotic strains is not affected by gastric acid, bile, etc., the destruction of digestive juices, colonization and precise release in the human intestine, and according to the infant intestinal micro-ecological research and development, selected the Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus dual strain gold combination’senergy, 1+1>2, it can promote nutrient absorption."


Bacilac Probiotics is imported from Belgium and its manufacturer is Vésale Pharmaceuticals of Belgium. “Vésale Pharmaceuticals is a pioneer in the field of probiotics in the world. The two parties have jointly developed the children’s health food market through Bacilac's probiotic products, which is of great significance to the company’s development of children’s health maps,” said Zhu Xueqing.


In terms of selecting partners, Jessie Lienart, CEO of Vésale Pharmaceuticals, said that it is looking at the R&D and production capabilities of Kangzhi Pharmaceutical, its sales network throughout China, and its experience with many large internationally renowned companies.
Talking about the future strategic positioning, Zhu Xueqing said that the company's business layout will cover children's medicines, health products, food, medical equipment, and other high-end health products and health services related to children.


Zhu Xueqing also admitted that this goal has brought about changes in thinking. "Different from selling drugs and selling foods and health products, the former can be used by doctors to prescribe medicines and the latter is for businesses to directly face consumers, and it is appropriate to use simple-to-understand communication methods instead of using obscure technical terms. "At present, Kangzhi Pharmaceutical has reached preliminary cooperation intentions with customer representatives from mother and baby, supermaket and pharmacy channels. The domestic baby care leading company will become the first partner of Kangxi Pharmaceuticals to develop Bessie's market.