A great many American brands are very popular here, but unfortunately they are hardly heard of in China. It’s such a shame to watch your brands go to waste. With the deep understanding of Chinese markets, we feel obligated to spread your brands to Mainland China.

This mission drives us here. We are dedicated to connecting your brands to Chinese customers, making your brands truly international. It’s not just a name; it’s something in their life.

No matter whether you have physical presence in China or not, people from China will locate you easily as long as you present your images. For smart Chinese shoppers, quality and price matter most. American products represent high quality with reasonable prices. Chinese would rather reach out to order them from here instead of getting them in China with around three times’ prices. There are several channels that have been making the purchase easier:

1) “Haitao” craze. Chinese favor buying American products online due to huge savings and their authenticity.

2) 10-year multiple entry visas. They enable Chinese tourists, the largest army of consumers, to come to U.S. easily.

3) Overseas procurement. The majority of Chinese students in U.S. buy American products for other people in China, which has become a popular business for Chinese students.

China’s one-child policy ended in late 2015, terminating depressed desire lasting 35 years. This triggers unprecedented baby boom. That means 18.44 million strollers, car seats, 1080 billion pounds of dairy products are needed in 9 months.

The safety issue of baby products has become common and top concerns for Chinese parents. Therefore, they trust and favor American baby products.

Chinese parents deserve raising their children with products of high quality and safety. As great baby brands, you deserve being enjoyed by more children globally. This brings us together.

We are mothers and fathers. We discover every aspect of your products and brands from daily use. With solid PR skills and deep insights, no one like Puna PR delivers your brands to Chinese parents effectively and accurately.

There is long way ahead, but the direction matters. Just make the first move.